Stop with the useless Glitch and Swipes!

Does anyone notice the quality in video templates has gone down dramatically in the last few years?

It seems everyone is rehashing the same basic templates and reselling them as something new. The Envato market place is flooded with video templates that all look exactly the same, using the same grossly overused basic glitch and swipe transitions.

Is there a new market place where the good creatives live now? Envato is becoming the walmart of assets.

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Not news, the people who were making decisions in Envato in the last decade focused only on money ignoring or not understanding the product itself. Those people you mention with the same templates just abuse the broken system. I suspect there are a lot of straight up stealing of projects, nobody cares and reviewers won’t even notice stealing. I saw my project just reuploaded and envato wanted me to do all the job of proving the literally the same project and taking up down.

This company is going down, unless they attract creative unique designers again somehow. But people have options nowadays, people from poorer countries Envato relied on can now work online.