Stop with 'Good Sales' Spam!

Hello, I tried to do my best not to start this discussion, in the hope that the moderators would fix the problem, but apparently nothing is being done.

Some community users and also publishers are using the publications of new items in the store to make a supposed “good sales comment”, but it is obvious that this is a practice of spam, since some users are practically in all item pages with the same phrases.

Please stop it, you are not desiring good sales, you are only advertising your profiles desperately with repeated phrases every time in the hope of increasing your buyers.
Launch your products instead of being spamming the products of the users who are actually doing their job in the right way.

I believe that this is not a vision of mine alone, but also of many others dissatisfied with the direction that the community is advancing.
Moderators, I hope you will take steps to stop this unnecessary spam.


In my opinion, I found it normal to post a comment wishing a good luck with sales, I’m an author and i have an item in TF and I don’t have any problem if someone post a comment wishing me good sales, even he want to publish his profile … it’s simple I will reply him by ‘thanks’ and that’s all :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your opinion, and yes, there is no problem doing it one, two, three times…
The problem is because some users are abusing and that’s annoying…
Like, in every single item they comment always the same thing.

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Yes some users repeat the same comment in all items,
but don’t forget that customers want always to read comments, they encourage them …

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I see where you’re going, you’re referring to a few bunch of people however I don’t really think it’s doing a big difference.

Wishing good for others is indeed nice!

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Great post, I wish you many replies!


Nice Post!

I’m sure that all of those users are posting just for Self Advertising, Because of all them has items in their portfolio or links to external websites…which is nasty.

As I know, they already got reported to Envato Help Team(Some of them were banned from posting new comments), See this post:

So the solution to get rid of spammers is to report them to Envato Help team

Never got a SEX comment before, I hope I do one day…

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I think it is nice and motivating especially for new authors. Even though it’s copy and paste comment, new users are probably getting pumped than frustrated.

Ah, yes, the so called “GLWS club”. I was a part of it, it doesn’t work, I had zero sales during that period, and it was a period of 2 months I think, I was posting “GLWS” every single day almost.

EDIT : GLWS = Good Luck With Sales
EDIT2: um, it didn’t work for me, but maybe it works for others

@Meth0d, i agree with you, i got sick and tired of the GLWS club, and actually i think that it doesn’t work as @CoderGames says, because users who go to read comments of an item are surely looking for something related to its functions/bugs encountered of feedbacks received from who bought such item, not just sales wishes, thay are useful and clearly - i say CLEARLY - posted for self-promotion.

so, GLWS club members, since you don’t care at all about our items, save time and go doing something better than may help you boost your own sales :slight_smile:

Great post guys, GLWS (Good Luck With Sales) !!!

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We need to start being realistic about how sales are these days - maybe start wishing each other mediocre sales instead? I would settle for mediocre… just any sales at all would be something.


What are you on man!? Didn’t you hear Stock Moderator that there are items that make $3000 per month!!! EDIT: I was unable to verify that, but I’m just going to take his word for it, he seems like a great guy.

Read it again… that’s not what I said! Although I was referring to games on CodeCanyon, if we’re on about items in general, some make over $100K a month.

Even better!!! I thought $3K was decent amount of money now that everyone is complaining about how little they’re making, $100K sounds fantastic! I personally didn’t encounter a single profile that is making even close to a $1000 per month, if you divide the amount of years they’ve been members and how much they made so far, minus the fees, but it’s awesome that you know such people.

I think most authors need a year or two to build up their portfolio so dividing sales with the years they’ve been active may not give a correct picture of the current income of authors. I think a lot of authors earn more than 1000$ (or more) when their portfolio reach a certain size. GLWS! :wink:

I know one of these ‘over $1000’ people personally. I see him in the mirror every morning! :smiley:

But I’m a small fry compared to some of the crazy cats on Themeforest. Check the top selling WordPress theme… I think it’s pulling in around $200K to $300K a month. Just one item! Shame I can’t code, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.


Plus you got that shiny Moderator Badge, that’s surely worth more than $1K !!!