Stomp Clap Logo

After waiting 17 days I received a rejection.

Clicks are heard due to the addition of a watermark.

Of course because I have such a huge portfolio filled with logos.

For fans to tell about quality and other things I ask to get acquainted with this page for a start.

Still, I once again make sure that the reviewers work as they want, and not for the benefit of the authors. Now no one can convince me that I’m wrong…


Hi mate, these “Stomp Clap Logo” are great, however I hear a click at the end of the last two logos, seconds 0:17 and 0:27, and the tail of the reverb sounds somewhat artificial (only my opinion)

It is my humble opinion, I hope to be of help…

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Can’t hear the clicks. Reverberation of the middle hall. What need? the stadium?

I did as I saw in the videos . I have the impression that reviewers choose for themselves and not for clients…

Authors living in the United States of America : tell me the website of the human rights service or other structures to which I can apply. You can help me in a private message: soundcloud. anonymity is guaranteed 100%

Maybe the people who come to Envato’s office will change the way reviewers feel about their work.

Yes there are noticeable clicks at pointed timecode. But I bet it was rejected because of unnaturality. It sounds sampled. Can you clap those 16ths by hands with the same dynamics and tempo?

On the reverb, you can try another type of reverb or at least one with a shorter predelay (the reverb starts to be heard almost at the second beat), if you have used samples for the “claps” it reviews all the samples and adds a fadeout at the end of each sample.

the tracks were sent separately where there is no click was the first that was rejected. Reverb was set up based on the items that are in the store.

Pay attention to the time of receiving letters. The reviewer rejected items not even listening.

Where the person who controls the reviewers ’ work I show evidence of bad work.

The tracks may have been rejected by sending them separately, If the tracks are variations, they must be included in a single file as variations.

It’s different tracks

before I do anything, I study the store.

Wrong conclusion. The time means only that you received the emails at the same time and nothing more.

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There should be an interval. These letters prove what I’m saying. The material is not checked.

Now write to technical support and show the answer.

In the link of your first post, all the composers have sent the tracks as variations, if you are using the same sounds / samples (claps, stomp) with the same BPM and similar rhythms (or equal), they are considered variations not different tracks. …

But maybe you’re right, there are no clicks and the tracks you’ve sent are not variations, they’re totally different tracks … or maybe you’re reading what you would not like to read.

Good luck in your next reviews!

Request sent, let’s see what answer…

I never said that…:slightly_smiling_face:

First logo I think is the best.
2nd logo I think a more impactful end hit could be better.
3rd logo, feels a bit busy to my ears, maybe to simplify it a little could be better.
Just my 2 cents, would not be shocked to see any of these approved though.

Did you submit all the logos at the same time? If so maybe it´s better to spread them out on different days or times, so at least you can know different reviewers might listen.

No, not should nessesary be. Most likely reviewer checked a few items in the row and sent all emails at the same time. Just time saving.

In my understanding there is no difference at the same time or on different days if the reviewer can make different decisions on different days such reviewer is unnecessary to me . I need a reviewer who will evaluate my work fairly and without resorting to different factors. If the reviewer can’t do it , he doesn’t belong in this position. I work for clients, not reviewers , and I see what clients use in their projects. I don’t care if the reviewer likes or not.

I saw the items disappear from the queue at the same time.
there was no interval, the tracks play for 10 seconds.

I see your point and agree on that. At the same time there will always be a bit of subjective opinion in a review process. And maybe sometimes a reviewers do bad decisions after a long day… who knows how every reviewer works. All I can say is that I understand a possible rejection for logo 2 and 3, but not for number 1. Ideally in a perfect worlds you would get soft rejections for these with feedback what to improve, but unfortunately that´s not how it works.

I would just continue what you are doing and the approval gates will open soon!

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