Stolen theme, does envanto or theme authors do anything about it?


Couple of days ago someone met my client with sales pitch for web design services and did pretty good job of fooling them into his schemes. He showed them some of his work and client sent me one of the link of his work. When I checked source, it turned out that he had copied theme by using HTTrack. Link to theme that was stolen,

So basically I would like to report it because mainly it affects the market and hard working individuals. On top of that these guys fool innocent customers in other shady services. Anywhere I can report it? Or it’s not worth it?

Hi @zorrohere

Copyright and Trademarks

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It’s always worth reporting but just to manage expectation - any claims would need to come from the copyright holder (author) and there is only so much Envato or authors can do in a situation like this which is also off platform


Thanks, I will try contacting author.