Stolen songs from AudioJungle

Very disappointed in [Removed calling out authors]. I was watching their highlight videos and noticed AudioJungle watermarked songs being used. [Removed calling out authors or items]

I film JiuJitsu highlights and I always pay for the songs from AudioJungle, I think the price is actually incredibly reasonable so it’s disappointing seeing a professional outlet like [Removed calling out authors] not paying authors what they deserve. Just thought I’d share.

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thats a shame ! they couldn’t spend 19 dollars? really shame !

Maybe video editor used preview file instead of purchased file by mistake. It happens sometimes. They don’t notice watermark :smile:

hey buddy , some websites have tons of items which are priced way lower than 19$ , including 6$ worth flyers , so what were u expecting for with 19 lol

So you are saying audiojungle is expensive?

not at all … i am saying that some guys still think that 6$ or sometimes even less is too much to ask for , so what do u think this kind of guy is thinking with 19? basically i was saying that GR / AJ’s (or other marketplaces by the way) prices are normally low and that they are more or less affordable for all , so basically this is not so much of a big deal to buy an item here if u need some for a project , whether this is music, design or whatever …