Stockholm theme won't update after changing hosting servers

I changed hosting servers and my theme (Stockholm) is having an issue. The theme panel says, “Your copy of the theme has not been activated. Please navigate to Stockholm Dashboard where you can input your purchase code and activate your copy of the theme so you can have access to all the theme features, elements & options.” When I go to the linked dashboard the purchase code is already in there.

It’s probably cache issue. Clean-up the browser cache first

Hi there, thank you ki-themes. That was the first thing I tried. No luck. :frowning:

You may need to contact the theme author for the free support

we just faced the same problem.
@bridalpresslyyn, did you get any answer or a solution by the authors of Stockholm?

Have you tried to de-register the theme and re-register it?

Yes, the theme was deregistered, because it was already used on another website before. Because we deleted the former website without dergistering the theme , we deregistered the theme at the Qode interactive help page as written here:

Yes, I contacted the author and they were able to help me reregister it. They were very helpful.