Stock Music - The Pre-AudioJungle Era

Yesterday I visited a Post Studio I used to work at, and was confronted with the reality of a bygone era: The Ubiquitous Wall of Stock Music CDs.

The “search engine” consisted of a printed catalog, full of hand written notes and post-its (the early tags). Everybody dreaded having to look for classical or ethnic music, due to their position in the impossible to reach high shelf (the ladder was always M.I.A.). Finding sound effects involved taking 20 or so CDs down to the studio and searching for each one you needed one by one… most of the time with a paying customer in the room eyeballing you.

At the end of the day you had to take everything back to the wall and painstakingly put each CD in it’s proper place. Fun times.

Thought I’d share this because sometimes I take this service for granted, and need to be reminded of how difficult and time consuming it used to be. Taking seconds to find what you need is a gift.

Anybody else have these kinds of fond memories?