Stock logo design infringement?

Has anyone here been faced with a trademark opposition from using a stock logo design for their business?

The stock logo templates on graphicriver can be sold more than once, which can put new businesses at legal risk if a similar design has been trademarked already. There are other design sites that offer stock logos that can only be purchased once. This type of policy should be considered by Envato to protect the client.

We just wrote an article about trademark opposition in Canada, but will look to explore this topic a little deeper on a future post.

One issue would be that buying a license here grants permission to use that item - at no point do buyers get to claim copyright/trademark etc. because envato don’t own the items so are not able to allow that transition

Arguably envato could create a marketplace which allows exclusive purchase, but this would be fundamentally different from the existing marketplaces and then you will have buyers and authors calling for this to be the case for website designs, brochures, songs, video clips and so on which would end up confusing how envato operates.

Thanks for your explanation and reasoning charlie4282

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