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Good places to find stock images for commercial use? I have seen many awesome authors here use really good reference images to showcase their product especially Photoshop Actions/themes/UI/Mockups, etc. I really like the images used by the author SevenStyles:
I wonder where he gets them. Its really cool to see the images used for his action ads. Any suggestion where to find such images?
I can find many stock but there’s a always some limitations like non-commercial use, etc and etc.

thank you.

are u talking about the Sevenstyle killer? lol this guy is god here buddy , don’t be surprised if he’s selecting the right things, if u can find a bigger seller, then please let me know lol there has to be some reasons for this, here are a few of them: huge talent, harmony in what he’s doing, usability of his items, plus good selection of elements to make good previews of his works, a fame built in several years and so on, these reasons are all the reasons why the guy is above al of us lol

what don’t u ask seven style where’s been buying his elements ? that would be very easy as just asking lol

You use lol a lot lol :P. You definitely didn’t get my post correctly! I am asking for good places to find stock images which I can use for commercial purspose, I used SevenStyles’s reference images as an example that I am interested in such form of reference images and if anyone can point me to a good source, but no idea why you talking things that everybody already know about and is very irrelevant to my query LOL!

Sevenstyles doesn’t include in items the images you see in previews, so he is not using them commercially. They are just for personal/illustrative purposes. Even so, if you want good looking models you’ll get them with a subscription to a stock site. Try I use them and they are good + cheap, too.
If you want to achieve the same great effects, your models need to look great too. The photo is really important and thus, good photos need to be payed. I doubt you’ll find free ones. Maybe try, but I haven’t seen model photos there.

Other than that, SevenStyles is kicking it, but I downloaded one action to see what the fuss is about and telling me to reset style/preferences of my Photoshop to have an action to work is a deal breaker.

Take a look here to see how a proper action needs to be build. SevenStyles doesn’t follow this because probably it’s impossible to achieve those effects with proper build actions. He uses shortcuts in building the action that require you to reset your PS preferences.

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i was trying to joke, maybe u did not like it , sorry , anyway u have a variety of places u can buy from is this just that u are looking for , u can google it and u’ll finds many results … as for here they will promote photodune, obviously and maybe the new thing they have started …