Stock footage of same scene rejected

This is one of the reasons I’ve avoided Envato in the past, but I’m back trying to add more content to my previously created account from many years ago.
So, I created a 3D scene, and rendered it out. In the batch I created 4 camera moves of a chess board with chess pieces in starting position and for each move I did a clip of each side. So, in total 8 shots. Interestingly enough 3 out of the 8 were accepted. Nevermind that the remainder included almost the same shot just with the alternate colored pieces.

Example of Accepted item [link removed]

Now, I can accept a hard reject. Sure. What I don’t like is “Quality Issues” being the comment on every single item for your hard reject. Be specific. This is the equivalent of a client telling you “I hate this make it again.” I’m not asking for a dissertation or even suggestions to improve for feedback. Just specific things that contributed to the decision. On top of that, the lack of consistency is just silly. All of these clips were uploaded and submitted at the same time. Such a drastic difference in results. Is this a common occurrence here at Envato still? I’ve read a couple of discussions from 2017 that talked about this issue and was wondering if others are still experiencing what I just did.

So linking my own content is against forum rules?

Yes. Terms of Service - Envato Forums
You can post your rejected item through YouTube

What you removed wasn’t a rejected item though.

Yes I know. But the topic of the thread is about the rejected item. Using YouTube, you can share both a rejected item and an existing one on the market