Still "Skipping the ad" on vids?



I hate to admit it, guys… but those annoying ads on youtube that almost always come up before your vid starts are probably what we need to watch more than anything else on youtube right now. Those commercials have the songs in the background that clients want, and only as of recently did it ever occur to me to not only pay attention to the music, but to also include a note to the envato review team that says something like the following:

“Hey guys, here’s my latest song submission for Now before you decide to reject this (if that’s what you’re considering), here’s a link to a youtube corporate commercial with a song that sounds just like what I’m submitting to you youtube link . All I’m trying to do is replicate what this client wanted where I don’t recall hearing that on the other folk’s channels here. Maybe some people here do have something like this, but if they do, here’s my version of such a stock song.”

My two cents.