Still Holding On - 1st Approval!

Hey all!

Just received my first approval notification.

What do you all think?

(Any feedback greatly appreciated)

Thanks, In advance! :slight_smile:

Congrat. Great work!

Super track. I would add an instrumental version too to maximise potential sales. Welcome to the 'Jungle! :sunny:

Congrats !!! Very nice )))

Thanks so much buddy!

Thanks a lot man!

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Thanks! Duly noted, may do an update in a week or 2. Might just see how sales go before making any changes. Nevertheless, thanks for the great advice my friend. :slight_smile:

Awesome track @yellowbirdaudio ! Always offer your tracks with and without vocals ! Good luck dude !

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words. Yep, will be uploading an version w/o vocals. Thanks for the advice friend. :slight_smile:

nice. very nicely done. but I am not sure if you can promote yorself in the forums. mmmm keep up the great job

Thanks @LEFS I understand how it could be seen as self-promotion, but its not considered self promotion when posting as ‘project feedback’ (which is what i’m after, having only just joined AJ). This would, more specifically fall under “feedback” and “advice”(as stated in the Project Making topic description) for which I have received some great feedback already. Thanks again @LEFS Helped to clarify a few things for myself. Glad you like the track! :smile:


Congrats! @yellowbirdaudio Nice track! Good luck and great sales! :slight_smile:

Thanks @anon31803326 much appreciated!! :blush:

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Congrats! :slight_smile:

very good track . Congrats.


Great track @yellowbirdaudio :slight_smile: Love the buildup! Fantastic vocals!

Thanks @NajmulIqbal15 :blush:

Thanks a lot @BlueBuddy Much appreciated! :blush:

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Thanking you @zyncope I’ve worked with this vocalist a few times, shes great! Thanks again. :blush:

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