Still haven't received my August Payout after more than 3 weeks

I’ve been waiting to receive my August Payout(SWIFT) for more than 3 weeks now. I had been using the same payout account for the past 3 years. And never had a problem with receiving my payment.
At first, I contacted the support team on August 18th. And the last time they contacted me was on August 31st. And never heard from them since.

I was using the Russian bank as a correspondent bank.
And this is what Envato’s Bank has requested from me:

And of course, I’ve sent all the informations they’ve requested.

I believe that I’m working with the biggest digital marketplace in the world. And this is what I have to answer? Doesn’t your bank know what you do?

Only support can help (and/or the banks), so keep on with them and hopefully they can get it sorted.


Get in touch with envato market author help center they would like to assist you.


August payments is calculated at the end the month and It will be processed at 15th of September. You should receive the money within few days after 15th.

If the payments are for the previous month ( July ) you should contact Envato support but if there’s a problem with the transfer, the money usually returns to your account within a week.

It’s my July’s payment which I’m supposed to receive in August.

I just received my August Payout back into my Envato account.