Still getting soft rejected despite correcting errors from reviewer screenshots

  1. There are still inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please go through your files and weed out these basic design issues.

and more throughout. Please check your item thoroughly from section to section.

How I resolved this issue:

and along all sections

  1. Typography still needs improvement throughout. example;

How i resolved it:

other Reviewer screenshot

How I resolved it:

Other screenshoot reviewer:

How I resolved it:

and more throughout.

  1. Mobile styling needs attention/improvement in some areas. Please check/test your pages carefully and resolve all issues. No screenshots here probably some mistakes here and there

Here is the demo

  1. For the first image, I think you should use the same “gap” between items (left/right) and the same gap up/down (same hight/width of the “gap”)

  2. For other screens, where you have text, I think you should use bigger line height - rows of text are to close

That is what I see.

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Thanks for the response. For first image, same height Also for the subtitle gap in purple?

Thank you, I see. Is line-height:1.6; (css class) for large text and 1.3 small text (3 rows or less) better or I should use all 1.6?

For the last image, In my opinion you should edit to image and bring them to the same line and you give same gap like other grid(example gap in first image).

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Better with full width images on mobile

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Thanks @htmlPremium You mean the vertical gap between images? And text should start in same line as the images?

Thanks @charlie4282 very helpful tip