Still confused. Do we need Regualar or Extended License for a Jobplattform with free and paid plans?

but the end user access the content for free!

and why would it then been sold with a regular license? then all these kind of themes and scripts only be sold with extended licenses because a regular license would be useless.

take the question of the starter of this thread with a job-board is the same as a classified ad listing site.

Other example! Ads pro plugin and the extension, these where only made by the author to sell ads on your site.

But is sold with regular license, that make no scenes then!

Hi, just want to clear. If I buy a theme can I use REGULAR licence for one domen only or I can use it for 100 projects?
Project meaning rather a visit card not internet shop.


If you purchase any of WordPress theme that theme only for one domain.You will not able to enable any other project or any other domain cause that theme have activation key that is one time only.

let me know any other question.