@scottwills We’ll pick one entry for a die-cut Envato sticker!


Even one sticker will not cost more than $1, Even startup companies are giving away free stickers, not one, but many.

So, please remove the silly Sticker offer OR make it look like its giving away by a million dollar company.


Hi @surjithctly, thanks for your feedback about the stickers!

Please note I moved your comment out of the original thread and into its own post as it’s off topic as the thread is strictly for item nominations. I would be glad to respond to your feedback right here however if it helps:

  • The main point of the threads are to help authors like yourself promote your work to customers.
  • The stickers are an extra bonus, a small, nice gesture. We give away a bunch of different merchandise in different threads and try switching things up from time to time. We’ve given away T-shirts and coffee mugs most recently for example. We don’t have to give anything away, but we thought it would be nice to do so.
  • The main incentive is to get authors to contribute to the threads which in turns help market their products. Authors are often asking for more/new ways to market their work. This is one thing we do so that customers can see the threads, and we can also use the content recommended by community members such as yourselves for things such as blog posts and e-mail newsletters to customers.

There’s really nothing to lose by participating and if anyone doesn’t want to participate or doesn’t even want to win a sticker, no-one is forcing them to. Again, think of it as an opportunity to help promote your work. Glad to see you’ve taken that opportunity and have already contributed to at least one of our threads, we appreciate you doing that.

Hope this response helps. Thanks for understanding.


@scottwills Thanks for taking time to reply.

Yes. I understand that’s extra. but it is not up to the standard. Nobody is going to complain if there’s no offer.

But when you do, you should keep the standard right? That’s why I said either remove or make it look like legit.

Yesterday I received two Producthunt Stickers just for filling up a survey (remember, they sent stickers to everyone who filled the survey)

Stickers are the Cheapest Swag ever. So even a new-born startup can throw away this much of stickers and Envato is sending just One per Category doesn’t seems to be good.

So, its Envato’s Decision to make an impression.



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I never touched that after tasting it as per the video :smiley:

it must be expired now.

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