Dear Envato/ StereoNuts Composer,
i am a vlogger and video content creator , i recently downloaded a song from the site as i have a yearly subscription.i USUALLY get copyright claims on youtube for using songs but i claim a dispute and they are released by the composers but i have filed a dispute two times now for the song and the composer is not releasing the dispute in my favour and i am fed up now !
i have used the EPIC song ! ( Stereo Nuts - Epic (Main NO Melody)

The link to the video

Song from 2.41

i didn’t get any licence which i usually get with the downloaded song files. i m really fed up with these copyright issues on youtube as composers file the claims so often on the videos.

i don’t have any email to contact the composer so please i request to the website managers/customer support to help me in this regards to the earliest

My kindest regards!


Envato Elements provides a simple license file that can be used to clear copyright claims, including AdRev and Content ID. As documented in the Help Center:

We provide license certificates for audio you download on Envato Elements, so should a copyright notice appear on a video containing music that is tracked by Content ID, it can be easily cleared.

For instructions on how to clear a claim, see here:

If the party who filed the copyright claim is not honoring this policy, then you should immediately open a Help ticket and explain the situation. They will be happy to help you.

Hope that helps!



Not the author removes the claim from your video, but the content ID system, in which the track is registered. If you did everything by the rules, like @baileyherbert writed, then all must be alright…

Once again - this is all done without the participation of the author!

While this is correct, the author still is responsible for facilitating the process of clearing claims, should buyers need assistance.

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If each client is checked manually, then there is simply not enough time for this physically. Yes, there are exceptional cases and sometimes clients write me in private messages and I help them. But this man didn’t even write me anything - just created a topic here.

And Elements have their own nuances in licensing, so, in any case, he needs to do everything according to the rules, otherwise it will be a violation. And if he does everything by the rules, then the problem will be solved quickly and everything will be fine.