Steps for change source files with FTP

Hello guys. Find a true way.

Need to change a source *.ZIP to new *.zip. My steps:
1) Login to FTP and upload new *.ZIP very long time (Forgot about new method using OK
2) Portfolio - footage - edit - update item & Tags… and field Main File(s) is empty.
3) Go to upload manager. I see my already uploaded new *.zip but how i can change source files using this method? Can’t to find anything like update, change etc.

Please help with it. My files already on FTP but i cant attach it.

See only 2 ways

  1. Way witch iam not see
  2. Delete item and full upload with full descriptions again! (NO, not believe in that :grin: )

You need to use the old ftp address I guess, not but

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i used it from the begining

Thanks Creative for pointing. I had the same problem and old FTP address worked.

@malbred, today I updated an item source file through old FTP address. I think it will take few minutes to appear in the upload form after uploading through old FTP.

Reupload again with old method using FTP. Not working :confused: - this way not work too