STEINBERG CI2+ PK or Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ?

Hi guys,
i want to extend my gear and i have very limited budget,

i want to buy FR scarlett studio bundle but i have a better headphone than company can offer with this product, and i’m planning to buy seperate gear one is Audio interface and condenser mic

there are 2 candidate here STEINBERG CI2+ PK and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
is there any author that uses this gear? can you give me some opinion regardings this 2 items?

how about stability issue? i know about foucsrite scarlett has some problems with clipping but not bother me can be reslove with Di-box. stability was more important for me

and what best value and decent quality condenser mic below $100?

or are there any other candidate can you recommend for me?

i have budget around $200 - $230.

thanks before guys :slight_smile:

Hi, soundgridmedia! I was 2i2 user about a few years ago and YES it had the problem with input signal, but I think they solve this problem in later products. At the rest, Focusrite is good decision for your budget, in my opinion

hi there Bigbouncybright,
thanks for sharing,
what are DAW and OS you are using? mine was Windows 7 64bit / Cubase 5SX
if you are a windows user too, i hear that this gear was some pop,click and stability issue when running in windows platform ,can you clarify this problems please?

and are you have some experience with Ci2+? or your friend maybe?

Win7x64 + Presonus Studio One 2.5 With focusrite scarlett 2i2 there were no problem with stability. I have no experience with Ci2. A few last months I used Steinberg UR22 interface and was excited about it stability and quality for this budget price. I would like to recomend it for you

Hello, I asked about Scarlett in this thread, take a look.