Static Site Architecture

I see themes for word press sites everywhere. Could you tell me, are there themes for static sites as well?

And if so, are these themes each specific to a particular tool such as Jeckyl or are there
static themes that work with any static site?

Can a static site and web services be used for any project now?

Or can anyone list reasons why one wouldn’t want to build this way?

Thank you


For static sites, you have to use the HTML tempaltes category, not the WordPress!
There are some WP Templates that do provide HTML version also

Hi, I’m trying to find out about or hire someone to build a static site with all or most of the same capabilities as a Word Press site using services to provide the backend.

Where could I find out more about doing this and specifics on the pros and cons of this?

Is there info about doing this somewhere on envato forums that I am missing perhaps?

Thank you

You can try to find some CMS rather than WordPress, that provide almost the same capabilities, and that help you creating a website quite simple.
You can have a look on our profile, and see if it interests you.
For example:

Multipage theme + CMS

Onepage theme + CMS

Best regards.

The important part is that it is a static site using services for backend. What could I use for that?