Static Front Page is not displaying the banner or featured images, even though they are chosen.

I am ready to launch my new WordPress site, except for this problem. All of my pages have the same banner images and featured images. When I choose a page as my Static Front Page, the entire banner area is stripped from the code. Worse, the code thinks the banner area is there, taking up space, even though it’s not actually there. So, the first 8 lines of text are cut off, unless I increase the top margin. If I increase the top margin, a blank space where the banner area should be appears in the responsive display on mobile devices. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Here’s the front page:


How to contact an author.They would like to help you out from this issue


So far, I haven’t received any replies from anyone, except this reply, which tells me how to contact the author, who doesn’t reply. So, no one in Envato support has any idea how to fix my problem?

The author does not respond, and I’m getting no help from support, even
though I’ve paid for it (twice). This is really frustrating.