Statements - Need sorting by tracks or items !! (Envato)

Statements - Need sorting by tracks or items !! (Envato)

Hello to all my friends! I find it absolutely necessary to innovate on the tab - Statements :bangbang:

For example, as an author, I would like to know how many times I sold
this track for the last month and how much profit he gave for that month. The same can be done for a week and for a year.

so that sorting would be not only with a time period but also with a specific track, it would be much easier to analyze the results. :white_check_mark:

sometimes it’s very inconvenient to count sales one by one and multiply, it would be much more convenient to know your best seller (for a week, for example) by making one click than spending a lot of time counting one at a time.

Share your opinion on this subject, support this post if you consider it necessary. I wish all the best!

You can download the csv and then put it on a spreadsheet. You could then sort the data as you wish.

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Yes, this is understandable, but I meant automate this process