Statement - Search by Item?

Hello guys and Envato dev team!

I don’t know if there is a search by item (i can’t find) option… So, I have a suggestion, maybe will be possible for future update maybe not.

At statement tab, we can see our sales, latest items, etc etc. Cool!
Next, there is "Last 30 Days, …, … and “More options”. When we click at “More options” button we can see “Range”, “Period” and “Document Number”.

Can envato developers to create another button to search by item name? I want for example to write 1 name item and search only this to see more details.

Are you agree guys with this suggestion? Leave your comments… maybe to have soon this update! Who knows. : -)
Maybe there are users don’t care about this. All suggestions are welcome!

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+1 on that one. Good idea.

Thanks! Hope we have an answer and from dev team. : -)

It’s quite simple to do this (and this way you can also filter and group by buyers country and perform calculations)…

You’ll just need Excel or its open source equivalent: OpenOffice Calc
I recorded this video to show you how:

the youtube video showing how

Hi and thanks for your help with this video capture. I know about excel method…
… But i think the easiest way is a button at statement. Someone maybe don’t have excel or similar program or don’t want to do too many steps. My opinion! Thanks again for your time… : -)