Statement Page Mistake



On top of the Statement page, where it says “earnings over the last 30 days”, the fee mentioned on there is wrong one. It mistakenly includes the SWIFT withdrawal fee of $35 made for last month. Happens because the withdrawals and withdrawal fees are showed on 1st day of every calender month.

Since this doesn’t affect the way the actual payments made, everything is fine. However, the numbers on Gross and Fees supposed to give clear picture about the % cut author receives.

If we assume author fee is 10% of List price and the Gross earnings are $800, it supposed to show this way:

What it shows right now is:

In the above scenerio, if you check your account balance, it will actually have $700. Since the fee was deducted from the last month earnings (not from present one), it supposed to be avoided in the current month fee display.


Ooo that’s an interesting one.