Starting to see a trend - CC disappointing - rip off programmers

Noticed over the last few months, many projects being launched/sold, and then the author disappears without offering support or wants to be paid for fixing their bugs.

I think it’s about time that CC took steps and deleted accounts that are not active for more than 20 days. Installing scripts should also come as standard (as long as the hosting/server is compatible).

I have seen far too many people being ripped off on CC by the coders who come across as greedy, and offer so called pro packages which are totally rubbish.

I understand everyone needs to make money, and its down to the person purchasing to make sure its compatible and its the software they really want, but I personally feel more should be done to protect the buyer.

I would be interested in hearing your feedback on how we can deal with those who rip people off, or those who just don’t bother replying to comments/support.

Envato, please add a feature so we can press a button to report, no support or lack of communication from authors. It seems they create a script, support for about a month and then disappear without supporting the purchasers.

Not to dilute the issue (speaking as a power buyer) adding a report button would be a terrible idea as it would potentially be exploited or misused.

Again, in now way suggesting there are not examples of bad behaviour, or that these should be addressed, but you only need to read some of the comments in these forums to understand there are also a number of cases where buyers may also have unrealistic expectations, or when there is confusion for different reasons.

On the “installation by default” point - envato prevent authors offering this as part of promotion guidelines - it seems like a sensible idea but for items without high volume sales it would be very demanding for authors, some customers will not want to provide that level of access to an author/some authors would not want it at the risk of being unfairly blamed for anything that goes wrong.