Starting out

Hi guys! My first item was approved recently. I’m so excited to join the community!

What do you think about the mixing?


Congratulations! @jefflloydmusic :confetti_ball::tada::grinning:


Welcome to the party :+1: :tada: :tada: :tada:

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New Way, New Beginning, New Opportunities! Good luck to you and Good Sales :swimming_man:

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Congratulations!:tada::confetti_ball: Cool track! Big sales to you!

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Hello community

I even became interested, This message has received complaints from members of the community?

How important it is when you make the first step? receives a first assessment? sale? review? approval of the first project?

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jefflloydmusic - I see that your topic was marked as spam?
Most likely you have chosen a non-legal subcategory.

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congratulations and welcome :smiley:

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