Starting a private feedback group

Hello all,

I’ve just started a private feedback exchange group aimed at AudioJungle musicians. The goal is to have a private place where we can both get and give meaningful feedback on the tracks that we’re working on.

It’s a private reddit subreddit. Send me a message on reddit if you would like to join.

There are just a few rules:

  • You must maintain a 3:1 feedback/post ratio. That means that you must give meaningful feedback to three people before posting a new track for others to review. (If you just joined the group you may post your first track without reviewing the others)

  • When giving feedback, please be respectful and helpful. We are all at different levels and all of us are here to learn. Please ensure that your feedback is more than just one or two short sentences. Be helpful!

  • Everything posted is absolutely private. Absolutely no sharing tracks or links.

Hopefully we can get some good participation. Thanks for checking it out!