Started a woodworking business and in need of a site

Hi there!
I just started my woodworking business & have another competitor in my area who provides similar woodturning and crafting services. I was surprised to find out he already has a website dedicated to his woodcraft. I want someone to build a similar website for me, perhaps even a bit identical as the local customers have great feedback for it. How much would it cost & what can a person with no relevant IT skills manage a website? Here’s the link to his site:

That website is built using a WordPress theme from another marketplace. It’s just a blog that uses categories to divide the blog, tools, reviews etc.

Aside from not being meant to promote competitor marketplaces here - there’s no point sharing the theme as you could easily create something better using a theme from envato!

The first thing you need to be very clear on is the layout of the site you want and everything that needs to be there and do. This will greatly impact the cost and complexity of hiring anyone to help.

In terms of cost - it will depend so much on the theme being used, how/where the content being used is coming from (especially for a website like this), etc. If you do need to hire help then I strongly suggest looking at as these are vetted experts and you get a degree of protection from envato.

Bear in mind that you need to consider things like theme cost and help developing it, but also things like hosting, security etc.

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