Started a subscription but still can't download game assets and kits??

Hi, when browsing graphicriver, I noticed the “download unlimited game kits!” prompt and signed up for a subscription. My subscription is now active but when I go to the game assets page, it does not let me download anything, just adds it to my cart and wants me to pay the full price. The prompt to sign up for the subscription is also still there, so it’s like it doesn’t know I have an active subscription even thought I’m logged in.

If I could actually download these assets it would be well worth the money for the yearly subscription. But so far, I’ve waited a couple days and still can’t download anything. I’d like to figure out if this actually works before my trial ends so that I can cancel it if it doesn’t. Thanks for any help.

The subscription is for downloads from envato elements ( NOT the main marketplaces like Graphicriver.

Some items exist on both some are exclusive

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Ah okay, so I’ll cancel… It just seems a bit misleading that the ad for “get unlimited game kit downloads!” is ON graphicriver, and then you can’t download things from graphicriver.

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