Start theme from scratch again


I don’t know if this is the correct category. If not please remove it to the right one.

Some time ago I purchased the “Sport” theme from Theme Forest. After I played around a bit I decided to have a fresh start and do it from scratch again. Unfortunately I am not able to get this theme to the origin state back. I deleted it several times (via WP as well as cPanel) but always when I reinstall it I will find the theme in the exact same status before I deleted it.

Is there any chance? I also deleted the zip files and made another download. No difference … I assume it must be in some kind of directory but couldn’t find anything when I was looking for a way to solve it.


The theme author should be able to advise on how to perform a full re-installation. You can contact them here:

Use a plug-in to reset the database. You can try: or search for “wp reset” in the new plugin page