Stanford Demo - EDUMA

We have just bought the theme and are tying to use the “Stanford” demo - but the demo we got in the package is not the same as the demo shown as an example on Envato/Thimpress sites -

What we got instead is just half of the slider and no continuing design layout as seen in the published sample demo as above.

Basically, the home page is not showing all the contents as they are supposed to show.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Any solutions?


Check the theme documentation.

By default WP themes don’t mirror the demos until content has been added. This should be covered in documentation although not all images may be included.

It does say one “click import” - have you done that?

Hi skillwork. I just installed the same demo (Stanford) and found the same problem. Did you ever get it to work correctly?

Hi @abby911 and @skillwork
Perhaps you haven’t changed the PHP configuration to the recommended settings so that causes the issue with the installation. You can check for the theme’s documentation here:

Also, to help you solve your case quickly, I forwarded your message to our supporters and they ask if you could create a support ticket on our VIP support forum for Eduma so they can discuss directly with you and try to help you out.

You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic: