Stander Resolution

Hi …

I uploaded power point template but it’s rejected due it isn’t at the quality standard required. Can Any one help me to tell me what is the stander for that.


«Stander» - it’s the movie :wink:
I guess you meant «Standard» !?
Quality standard it’s mean: cool design and usability

Yes you are right STRANDED.
do you no roles for that .
thank you for your time.

There are some technical rules, but there are no design rules. Because design it’s an art, and art is a subjective thing. As I wrote: Quality standard it’s mean: cool design and usability. Reviewer should to see that your item will be sales if he approved it. You can just explore what the kind of items have a good sales here on the GraphicRiver, to know what the design style is popular today

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Thank you very much.

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Also you can place your rejected item on the forum. And other authors will give you some feedback about your item’s improving