standard size for compliment slip


Hi guys, I’m making some compliment slips for a charity, there will be a UK and Australian version. Any idea what the size would be? Will A5 do? Does Australia use the same size as UK - international A4 / A5 etc?

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There is no fixed size for compliments slips. They may vary in size from the size of a business to letter-size.


Cool thanks. I also need to do a Mexican version of a letterhead. Does anyone know if Mexico uses US or International A4 size?

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UK Standard: W: 210mm x H: 99mm


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I’m doing a US version of a UK document. The UK one is A5 size. What’s the equivalent US size? I know A4 = letter paper size in the US, but what about A5, is it half the size of letter paper?

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Here ya go…

IronBayou said

Here ya go…

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