Stand up for your customers

Hi everybody,

I´m just thinking that a lot of authors might not be aware of what has happened since 2nd of October in the “We´re removing Envato Credits from Market” announcement. So I´m writing a short summary here, for those of you that have not read it all.

Envato has now shut down the Credits system abruptly without notifying any customers (still to this very day). The credit system allowed customers to shop without transaction fees and have a convenient solution for less paperwork.

Upset and angry customers are piling up in this very thread every day.

I think it´s every authors responsibility to speak up about this in the thread above, if you agree with Envato´s decision or not. Audiojungle authors have been very active in this thread, myself included. Trust me I would rather not be this active. I have worked with customer support for many years and I just can´t help it when I see these very unfriendly customer actions being taken.

Credits Removal/Forced Transaction fees affect the markets differently. Audiojungle is certainly on the most vulnerable side. We have reports of several AJ authors up to 30-41% credits use. Many of these customers are not yet aware of these changes, thats why we need to act in numbers to let Envato very top leadership that this is not acceptable.

Or if you think a 1$ transaction fee for an 1$ item is ok, feel free to say your opinion regardless. A line or 2 is more than enough for everybody.

The system is now as follows:
$1 transaction fee for orders up to $10.
$2 transaction fee for orders between $20-$75.
No handling fee for orders over $75. This system is especially unfriendly to low cost items as well as companies that tries to avoid to much paperwork.

Thank you all in advance! I´m sure your customers would thank you as well, for at least speaking up if nothing else.


Hello @MojoSoundtrackMusic I completly agree with you is our responsability to take voice in this matter as I have been taken too in original thread.

To all, I just post a possible solution to all this issue and if you agree please suport that solution I really believe that solution could end all this problem.

Here is the post.

Thank you all!


Your idea sounds good to me, but is there any difference between how the credit system worked and your idea? I have never used the credit system from a customer account so I don´t know exactly how it used to work.

Because customers are now unable to add Envato Credits to their Envato account my idea is to give an option to customers to obtain Author Credits as we authors receive when a customer purchase one of our items.

Basically this could work just by allowing customers to add an item called “CREDITS” (similar as we author add a Music track) and then they purchase their own item receiving this way author earning and using it to buy items.

This way customers will use an already working system and would function similar to credits.

Guys, I have nothing against you expressing your opinions in a new thread ( official thread about Credit Removal Is Here ). However, I must request that, if you see unprofessional / flaming / insulting behavior, within such a delicate thread, please flag that post. I want to leave this thread and any thread anyone makes up and running, but, please, express your opinions in a civilized, professional, constructive manner.

You know staff is watching and all opinions are taken into consideration, but if the thread will get locked, everyone has to lose! Cheers guys! :slight_smile:


Envato commits suicide…

I see that.


Folks please refrain from making comments that may be seen by others as inflammatory. There is already an existing thread elsewhere within the forum and not stir up things. Allow Envato to deal with this situation without it descending into mutiny so-to-speak. " Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."


I agree, also please state your opinions in the main credits thread. My intention with this thread is just to inform those authors who does not know yet. Like customers, many authors are probably not aware of whats happening at the moment.

Doubtfully mate, this debate has been on and on for quite some time. Think about it. A business that wants to make money, doing something to kill it. There must be a cause we’re unaware of, otherwise, I would agree with you, but considering an international business has a lot of things it must abide to, I’m sure there’s an underlying cause! :slight_smile:

+1 :slight_smile:


Time will show. At the moment I see customers who are ready to leave Envato.


That’s the right words :
“…Allow Envato to deal with this situation without it descending into mutiny so-to-speak…”


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@MojoSoundtrackMusic, mate, no offence. Naming them and giving all the hints necessary to Google them is mostly one and the same thing.

Knowing the fact that customers do visit the forums, the current state of the Credits Thread had a negative impact on them, I would consider that your post would only serve to help more customers do exactly what we’re aiming to avoid?

Please take this into account for your posts mate, it’s the same as sites we target with legal notice talks. It’s enough to give hints to do damage. See my point? :slight_smile:

Cheers mate!

Just to clear things up, I’m not censoring you guys, I consider this to be a protection mechanism against free advertising buyers to leave the building.

Fair point. I don´t want to contribute to make this problem be even bigger(if possible). Thanks for the heads up!

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Yeap! Sorry for deleting it, but I’m glad you understand the circumstance! And if you think about it, those who we do not speak of, are getting the same treatment with the banner on the homepage of the marketplaces and with the introduction of ADP on such a huge quality market, so in the end, it’s them doing it to us, we’re doing it to them, and so on. Marketing all over the place, haha!