Stability-Theme compatible with PHP 7.x?

I use the awesome theme stability (download, June, 2018).
I want to run this theme with joomla 3.8.11 and PHP 7.X.
On my local machine (MacOS/MAMP/Joomla 3.8.11) Joomla and your template requires PHP 5.6?
Can I run your template width PHP 7.X?
I’m grateful for every tip!
Please dont’t mind my bad english.
Greeting, Christian

It shouldn’t be a problem

This will really depend on whether the template or included extension have been updated to work with PHP 7.x. I’d suggest if you bump into any issues, downgrade the php to 5.6 and see if it works. I’ve noted that the item isn’t supported so incase you need any help, you can reach me via my profile page