SSL and Privacy Error

SSL problem, the website has been down for a while now.

Your connection is not private. Saying there are attrackers trying to steal information from our website.

Envato is such a closed system doesn’t allow to install SSL certificate.

How do I change hosting? There are no help line at all.

Someone please contact us back.


You cannot show you contact information here.

okay great, instead of actual help. i’ve got a message saying i cant display contact information.

Real great job envato

Hey @elitico,

Are you using Envato Hosted to host your website? Can you go through these steps to double check that everything is working properly?

  1. Sign in to your Hosted Dashboard
  2. Under Plans, click the gear icon next to the domain you wish to make secure and select Choose URL
  3. Select the top option for https:// and click Choose Primary URL
  4. Your new https url should update across your site automatically and be functional within a few minutes.


I think the instruction is for the old Envato hosting, now they have switched to DreamHost,
The steps you provided are not relevant anymore.

Do you have any other suggestion that could restore the website to normal?


Oh… :thinking:

Are you able to contact DreamHost for support? They’ll be the only ones able to help with such an issue, since it’s their server and all.

Unfortunately this is really a new area for me and I’m not quite sure how this all works now that they changed the system, so if you need anything further I’d suggest opening a Help ticket. They’ll have all the answers for you, I simply doubt they can provide technical support for hosting issues.

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