Spotlight intro

Hi Envato users!

I’am searching hours for a After effect footage but i cant find it :frowning:

What i’am looking for:

A moving spotlight to show on a picture. So the spotlight goes from the top to the left etc.


Hi @MiToetie,

Are you looking After Effects Projects or Stock Footage? feel free to check my Portfolio, you may find the project you are looking.


Hi Yeremia,

I’am looking for a After Effects Projects. Something like this:

But then more proffesional.

Thanks for helping!


Nobody? :frowning:

This preview that you showed us is very basic and extremely easy to create in a minute or two. Because of this it wouldn’t be approved on the videohive marketplace.

Hi butlerm,

I know but i’am looking for something like that but then more proffesional and with more movement etc.


Maybe you can check out this two:


Thanks for the reply.

What i want is a After Effect template that shows a footage with a flashlight. We want to show our new website to our customers but they can only peek.