Sport Song Contest

I submited a song, but how do i know if it was accepted or not? Also where do I listen to other submissions?

How did you managed to submit the song, if Envato accept only new items accepted due to period of contesnt? Are your tracks reviewing for 2 days? :wink:

Was accepted on 18th. They said submissions are on from 17th till some other date in march. I suppose the date of importance here is when songs are accepted not submitted. Because… With 14 days queue and growing that would mean unclear boundaries for submission and acceptance,because it is not unimaginable that queue will rise to over a month, what than?

Hi MetroMusic,

you’re right when you say it’s just a small timeframe. I’m sorry, unfortunately the regarding items have to be ‘uploaded’ on or after Wednesday, February 17th - not ‘approved’. :wink:

look here

Doesn’t matter how long the review time is, as long as the track is uploaded between Feb 17th to March 30th.