Sport Betting Template


I am looking for a Flash Template where I can have users place fake money bets on specific sporting events. Every year my family has a game where we invite about 40 people over and we have fake money and we have about 50 different bets that you can place on the Superbowl (first team to fumble, first touchdown, which commercial first pepsi or coke etc.) I am looking to make a website to do all the betting instead of doing it on microsoft excel like we’ve done in the past. I want to be able to have people log in and place there bets with the aloted amount of fake money. Then during the game I want to be able to have it show which bets have won and which have lost so users can log in and check there balance. I also want to add a value to each bet(if someone bets on who wins the coin toss I want to be able to do 1:1 odds. or 2:1 ods etc.) If you can tell me if this is possible and how much you can do it for please let me know


Hi ajaldaco ,

I’m interested in developing this for you. Contact me with more details through my FD profile.

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