Splitting Extended Support Commission among Partners

Since there may be some extended support sales in upcoming days, I’ve a question here regarding splitting extended support commission among partners(designer/html developer) in collaboration. How would you deal with it? (especially in a case where your partner is a designer or HTML developer and you’ve developed the WordPress theme)

Would you share extended support commission with your partner with same agreed upon ratio or would you treat it differently? If so, how you would deal with it.

The full extended support price goes to the guy who supports the item.

so, if WP developer supports the item, he can take the amount because the other guy does nothing in it.

However you’ll still need to share the normal support amount (which envato included with the item price) to your partner.

That’s what I was thinking but the partner may argue that he should be given a share of extended support commission too based on same logic he is being receiving normal support share up till now.

The normal support price is which envato added in to the Existing Item Price Just to make their system works right. Even if you turn off the Support, The base Item Price will not change…

So the partner has the rights for the share in Item Price but not support price.

Anyway, its all about how you guys made a deal, there is no envato standard. you can give him a share if you want…

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This explaination seems reasonable. Thanks.

Change your partner then :wink:

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Everything is going to be mutually decided. Though you are going to support the item but your partner is also having a share in the actual item so you have to come up with something reasonable to both of you

That’s up to you and your partner. One one hand, you’re handling the support, so you should get the full cut. On the other hand, if you hadn’t partnered with the guy, then you wouldn’t have been getting any support income… so I can appreciate the reasoning behind asking for advice, and why your partner might see it differently. I think the former is a bit more realistic though, so if you were going to give him a cut, then I definitely wouldn’t give them the full cut that you’ve got set up for the item sales. Depends on the exact situation though.

Maybe offer 25% of the existing rate you’ve got going on? If they’re not happy with that, then you could tell them you’re more than happy for them to take over all the support side of things!

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haha, I hope that won’t be necessary.

That’s a good alternate perspective but this argument may work both ways i.e. he will not be receiving the item commission if I’ve not developed it. Nevertheless, it’s best to resolve the issue with communication.