Spider Identification Website - looking for advice on templates

Hello! Looking for advice!
I have to take over a very full field guide-type of html website for identifying spiders. I need to convert it to WordPress as I’m not very html capable.
• Can anyone recommend a theme that might work well for me?
•Anybody know the verbiage for making a button call up new options depending on what’s chosen?
• Any thoughts on where to learn how to make the conversion would be appreciated.
(I use AVADA Theme on several sites)
•extra info: the site has thousands of spiders and images. There is an excel form the professor can fill out with all the identifying info (color, gender, names, look, etc) and then the form is used (what do you call that?!) to populate within the site so it doesn’t have to be re-typed. The structure is sort of: where did you find it? Then options pop up and each time a button is chosen more specific options pop up until the likely spider appears with all it’s info.
Thank you!

It’s an open market and there are hundreds and thousands of pre built templates out there. But based on your requirements and details it will be definitely a customization into theme.

I’m providing paid support for these kind of issues for other authors. In case of interest, you can drop me an email and send me the theme after so I can check and do the customization for you as requested.

Thank you! I was hoping someone was familiar with a theme that could get me started - There are so many themes out there! Mine would have to be customized, but I was hoping it someone could recommend a theme that I could start with! Or the verbiage for starting my search.

You may have to search out on your… But like i said if you need to have a great theme / quality template then i can definitely create it for you from scratch.

Let me know about your prompt feedback via email.