Spent 6 months doing an edit, track no longer available!

Jeeeezuz, HOW!!! I have spent 6 months doing an edit, I tried to purchase the track tonight and it is no longer available!
The HOURS I have spent on this. How is this allowed to happen and how can I ever trust this site again!!!?
Can anybody help me urgently?
Gypsy Violins by Unix Project, 18956875


That’s very unfortunate… seems the author is no longer active here.
This seems to be his page on Soundcloud, maybe you could try to contact the author there? Small chance but worth a try?

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Thank you so much CW. Appreciate your time and effort on my behalf.
Unfortunately it has caused mayhem with my client so I am screwed either way.

Not a peep from Envato admin with help or suggestions. Beautiful!!!

Out of here for good with nothing good to say.

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Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you buy the track like three months ago or something like that while it was still available at AJ ,after spending hours of editing?

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I’m curious aswell. Had this a couple of times where customers were contacting me while working with the preview file. People are jumping between production music sites all the time, switching from exclusive to non-exclusive. Why not stay on the safe side and buy the track anyway if you’re sure its perfect for your project?

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Clients from video producers change their minds all the time too. I’ve worked on several commercials as a composer in the past and changes were literally made in the last minutes sometimes. There are many people involved who have something to say about the end result. It would mean having to buy several tracks with the risk of losing money.


I had no reason to believe there was any urgency. Final mix happens after final edit approval and that is generally when I purchase tracks in case the client changes their mind (as they do). This is normal practice and why low quality tracks are provided. I don’t understand why this would be curious to you actually.


I’m not curious anymore, have a great day.

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Perhaps you are more successful than me Myke, I don’t have money to show around and have to run a very tight ship.

Well to be fair, people here are trying their best too and calling their tracks which maybe have been rejected by major labels due to quantity issues low quality doesn’t make it justice anyway.

However, I wish you all the best for your project.

Because if I would edit for six months I would probably get the track earlier ,since this happens occasionally with other sites also , it’s a long time to be working on something and to end this way
Good luck in the future

Hey Make, you misunderstood me. I was not saying that the quality of music is bad on Audio Jungle, I was saying that you can download a low quality version of the music to work with before buying it.

Yes it is tragic, thank you. I do hold Audio Jungle responsible. What would it take to send people who have downloaded the demo version a mail to say that it will no longer be available in a month. What are we paying a handling fee for. Why people are challenging me and not this lack of foresight by the portal that represents you I have no idea.
At least Apple seems to listen.


So basically …

… you really skimmed on money to buy a song and thought you would spend half a year of your time working to buy a song at the last minute ?

And now you have a grudge against the whole world about it?

It is the right of every author to withdraw their work / project at any time in accordance with the principle of copyright.

Come on man… you can’t be for real :slight_smile: come on… where are the cameras?


I understand, sorry for the misunderstanding.

I see you’re stressed by this, everyone has his own war going on. Maybe it would help if you’d open up a new thread with a preview file or a reference track. Something like “Looking for something similar”.

I’m sure people around here are glad to help out.


I think it’s completely unnecessary to point a finger here and judge someone on “skimming”. The preview files are exactly for purposes to try out tracks and some projects can take long before everything and each element is definite.
Image buying a broadcast license and further down the line a producer comes in saying “Oh by the way that last track, we want to change it into something else.”
Something to think about.

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You are right, it’s better to save $30 for the track and work for next 6 months with hope… that the track is still there :slight_smile:

pure logic.

Nobody is perfect.

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This thread got a bit sidetracked? It’s a simple business calculation. Rather spend 6 months work then buying a $20 dollar piece (maybe for nothing, but as an investment and insurance) is not realy valid as a business case. But when someone decides to do that, because of what reason soever, don’t complain when it doesn’t work. In that period of time anything can happen. Especially when it takes half a year for the customer to agree on the final product. The prices here are real cheap for the quality delivered. One should be able to take some risk with that… My 2 cents (I don’t have more to spend on this :slight_smile: ).

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Authors here are not employed by Envato. Luckily we have the right to decide to leave this platform at any time we want, without any notice period and with all our work and copyrights. From one minute to the next. It’s definitely not Envato’s fault, if an author leaves the platform with all his work. That’s how this business work.
By the way, how should Envato inform customers, that an author will leave this platform and a track will be not longer available? What should be the initial criteria to send an email to you? Because you’ve downloaded a preview??? Do you know, how many previews are downloaded day by day here? That would be a huge amount of emails and 99% of them would be in vain.
If you want a guarantee to get a track composed, you need to setup a special contract with a composer. But that indeed costs a lot of more money than here. You want it cheap? Then you’re right here. But then you need to agree to the compromise, that there’s no guarantee for a track availability.

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