Speed issues with CouponHut theme

I purchased CouponHut theme and after so many trials, I just cannot make it fast enough to satisfy google. 1.7 MB page size take 4.17 seconds to load http://tools.neilpatel.com/en/analyze/www.couponsrabais.quebec. It’s way too long. I cannot use this theme and succeed at ranking it because of speed. Does anyone have an idea or a theme recommendation for couponning that works fast enough to use it efficiently?

Are you sure the issue is the theme and not the way it’s setup or the hosting being used?

Any coupon theme is likely to on the larger end of the scale and will require proper hosting to run at its best

the icomoon font file in the theme is 1.1mb in size, giving your site a total size of 1.9mb, get rid or reduce the size of that font and you will be be in better hands.

If you use a caching plugin such as Fastest Cache, Comet Cache or WP Rocket, that will bring don your load speed as the website won’t need to load all your resources, take a look.


We have tried everything. I host 10 other website that landing pages are heavier on the hosting plan and it loads faster.

I’d suggest following what @Gareth_Gillman recommended above - he is very knowledgeable when it comes to WP

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@Gareth_Gillman @charlie4282 Here’s what the author answered me on this… This file consists of all the 1000+ icons included with the theme. If you remove the file, the category icons will disappear from your site.

icomoon have an “app” which lets you build your own “font pack” (https://icomoon.io/app/#/select) so you could find the icons you do use, add them to the app and replace the font file with the smaller one, there is no way you should need 1000 icons, this will drastically reduce the size of the file.

If you do the caching method above, that will reduce some of the burden from the font file though.

How do I find the icons that I use? Any tools to extract them?

just have to go through the site and find the ones you’re actually using, shouldn’t take too long really.