Specular Theme, problems after changing URL

I have problems with Specular theme after changing the site URL.
Everything works fine, but I cannot change anything in Specular Theme Options. Any changes I make, just are not being saved.
I made DB migration with “WP Migrate DB” plugin and in my DB i have no rows with old URL.
Any sugestions what else could be wrong?

###There are multiple possible causes:

  1. Maybe you have a cache plugin installed on your website?

  2. On the other hand, my suggestion is to disable all plugins, one by one and see if problem is caused by a plugin.

  3. Open the console of your browser and see if errors appear on it while you save the Theme Options panel. If you see errors there, then this is a good start in finding the cause.

  4. If you migrated the site to another hosting, there can be missing php extensions in the new hosting or it has not sufficient resources to handle the Theme Panel.