specific suggestion require for soft rejection of WP theme due to design/UI issues - its mine 4th time :( :(


please help me for my WP soft rejection, i tried to update my theme few times already but it looks i am missing something.

appreciate if community members can help me for this.

template link

Message from reviewer

Sorry to say but the improvements are still pretty minimal:

Please make sure that next submission includes major design improvements and that you’re applying this to the entire theme and not some part of it. More work in the following areas are needed:

  1. Visual hierarchy.
  2. Typography.
  3. Forms and buttons.
  4. More attention to details.
  5. Better design consistency.
  6. An overall spacing.
  7. Color contrast and schemes.

Here are some resources for you:


Any one to help?:wink:


I like your template, it is quite good. You are really close to being approved but you will still need to put a considerable amount of work in this to succeed. Also, you have, unlike many, detailed feedback from the reviewer. The best advice would be to read all the provided resources and check your template carefully, page by page, element by element. The index page has to be catchy, even if it is not a part of the template, ATM, the typography there under each demos is weak. The attention to details the reviewer is requiring (choosing or designing the right icons, photos, graphic elements, backgrounds etc…) is what makes the difference between a wannabe and a professional designer. Just follow the instructions, take the time, and it should be good. But do not rush as this would result in another reject, that might become hard after several resubmissions. Good luck !

thanks, appreciate your time writing your thoughts :slight_smile: