specific question about videohive submission process and pricing etc

Hello, I’m not an author on any Envato markets yet, but I’m considering submitting some items (After Effects projects) to videohive - and I had a simple question about the process (I first tried contacting someone from Envato through the website but they referred me to the forums…)

I see that for videohive items the price is set by Envato, and my question is this - if I submit something and it is accepted and Envato sets a price for it, if I am not satisfied with that price (I think its too low or too high) then I assume there is a point in that process where I could refuse and say “No thanks, then I choose not to sell this item here on videohive.” Is that correct ? Thanks for any info on this.

You can ask for a price change if you’re not happy with your item price, and Envato will assign a reviewer to re-evaluate your item. If the reviewer concludes that your item is unfairly priced, they will change the item price.

And to answer your question, yes you can remove your items from sale any time you want for any reason since you own your items.

Thanks for the quick response and clarification.

I’m not anticipating a disagreement so much over the “fairness” of a price, but rather I’ve found in other contexts (where I’ve set my own price) that I’m able to employ strategies where I might price some items very low or even free in order to get some exposure and show more users the kind of things I am offering etc.