Specific info about license

Sorry if I re-write again the question, but I need to know well what license I have to choose
I’m a webmaster and I have a webagency; usually, I buy template in the name of my client; all my client don’t have on their site something about e-commerce (if they want one, I send thei on ebay), because they are bed and breakfast, commercial activity without online store, private clinic and more.
Of course, a lot of it (for example b&b) have the online request form, but the client will buy & pay out of the site, or for clinic, the client ask for an apointment but will pay at hospital.
In this case, what kind of license I have to buy?
I ask sorry for my bad english

Regular is fine although it is a better idea to have the client buy the template/theme and not you.

That way if you part ways then they still have access to support/downloads that they should be entitled to

Ok, also if in the Regular license the support is for 6 moths and my contract are for 1 year :smile:

Support would be for six months but item updates are for the lifetime of the item and these will only ever be available to the purchasing account.

With guest check out making it super easy to purchase, there is very little reason for someone not to have the client buy an item now

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Ok, tnx for support