Specific Features for Booking Services with pending bookings rather than buy now.

Hi, I am looking to create a marketplace where Personal Trainers can
upload their profile and customers can book them. Each personal trainer will
be providing the same service (only 1 service marketplace), just a different price, location and availability. The customer can choose search for a personal trainer based on when they wish to train and location. They will see the trainers availability (Monday all day, Tuesday unavailable, Wed 9am - 6pm etc) and location (1 location per trainer where the service will be held.

The problem is I need the customer to REQUEST to book the personal trainer (Possible pending booking), so that the personal trainer can confirm the gym is available at that time and avoid cancelations/refunds. Once the personal trainer confirms with the gym, they can then send a ‘booking confirmed’ back to the customer and they can proceed to payment.

Along with the general, invitation only to personal trainers, feedback ratings etc, are there any marketplace templates/apps out there that would be suitable for this business?

Thanks in advance.

Here: http://paradise.jwsuperthemes.com/booking/

You may want to see mobile iOS app + Wordpress plugin that is similar to your request.
You can also book for services in front-end also.

Hi Ryanagar !

I’m providing paid development / custom programming and support for such type of projects

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Thank you for your email.
I am currently in discussion with 3 developer companies about my
concept. I have listed below in detail and you can let me know if this
is something you can provide for ios and android.

  • Concept. Platform where Personal Trainers upload their profile,
    including photo, bio, location (Which can change), availability (which
    can change) and rate (which is set depending on which category they
    choose). The personal trainers can only upload if they are invited or
    approved by admin. Users (customers), sign up as customer and can search
    for personal trainers based on location, price, availability. They
    search and click their preferred trainer. They send a ‘REQUEST’ to book
    them. The trainer receives the request, and then either confirms or
    offers re-schedule. If confirmed, the customer now must pay to confirm
    the booking. If sent re-schedule offer, they customer can accept of

Need to have trainer receive review (stars) after session.

1/ Payment. Can the customer use credit card payment to book the
trainer? And then that money goes into paypal account of admin? Then
admin send money to trainer after complete?

2/I want to restrict all chat from customer and trainer. So its best no
chat available. Is this ok? And can have notification through app that
session accepted, or schedule, confirmed etc?

Please let me know if this is something ok with you and possible. I will
need to see your work, I have worked with many developers and many let
me down so will not waste time if this is not possible.

thank you for such a prompt response. Based on my expertise and skills set, as per your requirements yes its possible.

Please don’t worry i promise you won’t be disappointed. I assure you completely

I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with my work.

Please get in touch via email or skype so that we can have an understanding to proceed next with project.

Looking forward to proceed next with your work asap