Specializing in certain themes


I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an answer on this already, but maybe I’m just bad at searching.

We’ve been using some of the Envato WP themes in our projects quite a lot. So consistently in fact, that we’ve really learned to specialize in some of the top themes inside out.

If regular users download a Theme and need help with customization / maintenance, is there a directory or list of developers who can help them with that particular theme? I would be surprised if there wasn’t. If so, how do we get on that list?



It is hard to be specialize just for one or several templates on Themeforest there is tons of old and new templates and you cant except that is someone specialize just for your template and that template is sold 300 times.

Also lots of templates are not made that can be custom change. It all depends from template developer.
If you tell u what template you are using and what you need to change it will help us.

Sorry, I don’t think you understand the question :neutral_face:

You can apply to be a provider on www.studio.envato.com BUT you will be very limited in services to offer and envato may well not seem skills in “just some of the big themes” enough to be a provider as you also need to be highly competent is PHP, JS, CSS and so on.

Can you modify advanced core functionality and adjust the more technical stuff outside of just editing the theme from the standard options without it causing issues?

If someone asked to integrate a membership plugin for example that required changes to the theme functions then would you know what to do?

Bear in mind many beginners who need help often seek more advanced functionality than within basic theme features even if they don’t realise it.

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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Yes, we specialize in the backend - mainly advanced theme customization (ie. stuff you can’t do in the admin), particularly speed optimation and on-page SEO. How do I apply?

You can send them a request but approval is not guaranteed. https://studiosupport.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202035290-How-do-I-become-a-service-provider-