Special offers on weekend

As most of you know, the weekend is very slow on sales.
What about envato activities granting discounts or “buy 1 get 2” or whatever you can image as a benefit for buyers to push tracks on weekend.


Creative thought, but wouldn’t that cannibalise on weekday sales? Like, “I’m gonna buy this track, but I’ll just wait until the weekend.”

exact as stockwaves said, it will ruin weekday sales as buyers will wait till the weekend to buy.

There is not a lot you can do about lower sales at weekends as most buyers will be spending time with their families and not working

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No, if you keep an eye on WHAT you promote.
Not a discount on all tracks, but randomly a discount on packs, the other weekend on special category, the other weekend on kits and so.
Be creative and you won´t canibalize any weekly sales but get more attention on a weekend promo.

And to do something against is better than to do nothing.